SAVE THE DATE: Monday 11 July scientific meeting “Global Biology”

30 June 2022

The scientific meeting “Global Biology” will be held on Monday 11 July from 10.00 in the CNR research area conference room in via Corti 12 in Milan.

The meeting is organized by Alessandro Vitale with the help of Diego Breviario, to thank the people with whom Sandro had the pleasure and honor of working during his career as a scientist. Retired due to his age limit since March 2020, Sandro is now associated with the Institute of Agricultural Biology and Biotechnology.

This event was originally scheduled for late March 2020, but postponed due to the pandemic.

The speakers completed part of the training in Sandro’s laboratory or collaborated with him, but they carried out most of their activity in a country other than that of origin. Science has been globalized long before the term “globalization” was invented; the emigration of scientists, although usually much less tragic than that of other categories of people, is an interesting and current issue.

A science day dedicated to science with seminars held by “emigrant” researchers.


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