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Della Croce Clara Maria



1999: PhD at University of Pisa

1989: Scholarship for young graduates and graduates residing in the South of Italy assigned to the Institute of Mutagenesis and Differentiation (CNR), PISA

1988: Qualification to practice the professional activity at the University of Pisa

1987: Degree in Biological Sciences – University of Pisa

Professional experience

2019: Assignment of Safety Contact for IBBA Pisa

2019: Technical scientific manager of the Allergoline Biothech & Research Srl project

2012-Today: Research at CNR IBBA Pisa

2010-2012: Fixed-term employment contract as Technical Collaborator, level VI at IBBA Pisa

2006/2009: Member commissioner for the qualification exams for the profession of Biologist at the University of Pisa

2007-2009: Scientific collaboration contract (IFC – CNR Pisa)

2005: Degree of environmental technician by Eco Utility Company S.r.l (Parma, Italy)

Tutor for school-work alternation for the IBBA Pisa

Coordinator for IBBA Pisa of events held in the Area (Bright and Solidarity Day Nicola Ciardelli Onlus)

Research interests

  • Analysis of the antioxidant properties of natural and agri-food interest substances through in vitro and in vivo systems.
  • Short-term mutagenesis/antimutagenesis test on Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast cells to evaluate the possible protection and/or toxicity of environmental pollutants, natural and agri-food substances.
  • Determinations of drug metabolism activities, cytochrome P450 dependent enzymes

Projects in progress

Projects completed

ALLERGOLINE - Foods and functional cosmetics: characterization of bioactive compounds and their effect on the genome and metabolism
Start date: 08/11/2018   End date: 07/11/2020

Allergoline Biotech & Research Srl

Luisa Pozzo, Clara Maria Della Croce

Project duration:
08/11/2018 - 07/11/2020
Financing body:
Allergoline Biotech & Research Srl
Project research leader:
Luisa Pozzo, Clara Maria Della Croce

ALLERGOLINE - Foods and functional cosmetics: characterization of bioactive compounds and their effect on the genome and metabolism

The importance of the bioactive compounds and above all of the antioxidants contained in the food is to be associated both with the ability to preserve the shelf-life of the food, delaying the oxidation of the polyunsaturated fatty acids, and to have beneficial effects against the chronic-degenerative diseases induced by the oxidative stress and aging. The bioactive molecules present in both food and plant extracts can also have a very important role in cosmetics. Antioxidant mixes are frequently used in anti-aging creams and also in after sun creams in order to increase the skin’s ability to defend itself. The project has as its objective the identification and characterization of food extracts and/or plants and their biological evaluation. The products will be analyzed for their total antioxidant power through the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) method, and for the quantification of some compounds (vitamins, polyphenols, flavonoids and flavonols). In addition, the protective effect in the prevention of metabolic diseases on a mouse model with dysmetabolism (hepatic steatosis, hyperglycaemia and hyperlipidaemia) induced by administering a diet with a high lipid content will be evaluated for the products that will show the best results.


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