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ORCID: 0000-0002-5013-5179
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Pagnacco Giulio

Associate scientist


1983: CNR grant for a four month stage at Cornell University taking classes of Quantitative animal genetics and Matrix algebra

1981 – 1982: Applied Genetics at the University of Milan. Full marks and honor. Thesis on feasibility of BLUP genetic evaluation in Italian dairy cattle

1978 – 1980: National Research Council (CNR) grant spent at the Institute of animal husbandry of the Veterinary School of Milan

1971 – 1977: Full marks and honor graduation in Veterinary Medicine

Professional experience

2019 – Present: Associate to CNR – IBBA

2010 – 2015: Direction of a Doctorate School at the University of Milan

2005 – 2012: Superintendent of the dell’Azienda Didattico Sperimentale dell’Ateneo Gian Paolo Guidobono Cavalchini di Borgo Adorno

2014 – 2018: Member of the steering committee of the Italian Society of sheep and goat pathology and breeding (SIPAOC)

1998 – 1999: One year sabbatical leave at the Department of Animal and Poultry Science of the University of Guelph

1995-Present: Member and later President of the CTC of the Goat Herd Book at ASSONAPA, Rome

1994-2002: Direction of the Istituto per la Difesa e la Valorizzazione del germoplasma animale of the CNR

1993 – 2019: Associate Professor in Animal husbandry and genetic improvement. University of Milan, Veterinary School

1993: Six months of sabbatical leave at the Department of Animal and poultry Science of the University of Guelph, Canada, working on a procedure of Animal Model evaluation for Somatic Cell Count in Canadian dairy cows.

1990 – 1993: Full Professor in Animal husbandry and genetic improvement. University of Milan, Veterinary School

1989-2005: Member of the official technical commission (CTC) of the Haflinger horse breed. Responsible for the set-up of the official selection scheme and for a new BLUP procedure for the genetic evaluation.

1988 – 1990: Associate Professor in Animal husbandry and genetic improvement. University of Milan, Veterinary School

1986: Invited visitor at the Michigan State University working on Genetic parameters estimation in a multi-trait model with triangular transformation of unbalanced data

1986: Responsible for the release of a computer procedure for the BLUP genetic intra herd evaluation for the Holstein and Brown cattle breeds

1984: Responsible for the general selection scheme of the Italian Friesian dairy cattle breed (ANAFI)

1982-Present: Member of the Scientific Association of Animal Production (ASPA)

1980 – 1988: University researcher in Animal husbandry and genetic improvement University of Milan, Veterinary School

Research interests

  • Genetic evaluation in all domestic species through BLUP methodology
  • Selection schemes for optimal genetic response in different domestic breeds
  • Balancing genetic improvement and conservation in domestic breeds
  • Intra specific biodiversity in domestic breeds
  • Milk proteins in ruminants
  • Teaching and scientific dissemination

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