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Sabatini Terreni Massimo

Administrative staff


2021: Qualified to practice as a lawyer at the Consiglio Nazionale Forense, Roma
2011: Qualified to practice as a lawyer at the Illustrious College of Lawyers of Madrid (ES)
2010: Homologation of the degree title at the Catholic University San Antonio, Murcia (ES)
2003: Degree in Law at University of Pisa

Professional experience

2022: Author of legal pubblications

2021-Present: Sole Responsible for the Procedure (RUP), CNR IBBA Headquarters of Pisa

2018-Present: Direct assignments of the State District Attorney in litigation before the Labor Judge for hearing activities, AdS Florence

2018-Present: Territorial contact person of the Legal Affairs Unit and Bar Association (AFLEG), CNR Head Office – Roma with technical-administrative support task for the performance of activities managed by AFLEG-CNR General Management, with the functions: in the judicial dispute before the Labor Judge, replacement for hearing activities of the CNR lawyer included in the mandate, with direct delegation of the AFLEG Manager; deposit with the chancelleries of the courts of the files with which the CNR is constitute in court, filing of supplementary notes and / or briefs; collection of files from the court chancelleries following the definition of the judgment; missions throughout Italy for off-site judicial activities

2017-Present: Administrative management of the purchase order procedure, CNR IBBA Headquarters of Pisa



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