CNR IBBA at SIGA 2022: Poster Award for Dr. Andrea Tafuri

9 September 2022

The 65th Annual Congress of SIGA – ON MENDEL’S FOOTSTEPS – FROM GENES TO FORK was held in Piacenza from 6 to 9 September 2022 “.

SIGA, the Italian Society of Agricultural Genetics, aims to promote the progress of Genetics in its applications to the agricultural system and cooperation between researchers in the sector.

During the congress, in addition to discussing and sharing discoveries and problems related to agronomic experiments both in the field and in the laboratory, prizes were awarded for the best reports and posters presented.

CNR IBBA with dr. Andrea Tafuri, PhD student at the University of Tuscia, won one of the 2022 SIGA Poster Awards.

The poster presented concerns the work carried out within the industrial doctorate, co-financed by CNR and SIS (Società Italiana Sementi and aims to identify genes and / or chromosomal regions associated with the accumulation of free asparagine in the grain. of durum wheat. The interest in studying the accumulation of this particular amino acid stems from the fact that, when foods derived from wheat are subjected to cooking processes at high temperatures, asparagine reacts with sugars and generates acrylamide, a compound that is harmful to health. Human. Identifying genetic determinants associated with the accumulation of free asparagine would mean having more tools, compared to the agronomic and technological practices adopted so far, for the reduction of acrylamide in foods with a consequent increase in the quality of food produced from wheat grains.


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