Celebrate the 100 Years of the CNR with IBBA: 1923-2023

1 January 2023

One hundred years ago the National Research Council was established.

The countdown to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the largest Italian research institution kicks off to celebrate, celebrate and experience the months that separate us from 18 November 2023 together with a busy program of events.

At its inception, the CNR had a role of representation of the Italian scientific community at the International Research Council and the task of coordinating and stimulating national activity in the various sectors of scientific research and its applications. Today, the institution operates in all scientific domains, has facilities and laboratories throughout the country and is present in frontier areas of research, such as polar environments, marine environments and space.

The Centenary program, which will be enriched with initiatives organized by the Scientific Network, offers a wide range of activities that go far beyond the celebratory intent, stimulating a wide-ranging reflection on the role of research in scientific and civil progress, and on the future of the planet and of humanity.

To find out more and stay up to date, visit the website https://centenario.cnr.it/



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