Great success for BOBCAT project’s webinar

5 February 2021

On Wednesday, January 27th webinar “Cardoon’s cosmetic products, nutraceuticals and bioplastics: BOBCAt project’s biorefinery model” was held.

The event, born with the aim of promoting and disseminating preliminary results of BOBCAT project, reached excellent numbers, with more than 110 users connected, splitted between Zoom platform and YouTube live streaming.

BOBCAT project – funded by Fondazione Cariplo and leaded by Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, with its institutes IBBA and IBBR, in partnership with Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II and Consorzio Italbiotec – proposes a biorefinery model which uses agri-food supply chain byproducts as energetic source for cardoon cellular cultures to maximize their growth in sustainable conditions, in accordance with Circular Economy’s principles. BOBCAT explores innovative biotechnological approaches to enhance cellular cultures for bioactive compounds production, which will be used as raw materials for nutraceutical industry, cosmetology, bioplastics and green chemistry.

“With this webinar we wanted to create a shared knowledge space on circular economy themes, stimulating interest and dialogue on biotechnologies’ role on sustainable development. Positive feedbacks on the project and its applications gratified the whole research team.” said Dr. Francesca Sparvoli, of Institute of Biology and Agricultural Biotechnology, CNR, project’s scientific manager.

Webinar recording is available at this link, from minute 12:

During next days, all speaker’s presentations will be available on Italbiotec website at this link: .



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