CNR IBBA of Pisa for ORMA Project- Applied Research, Technology, Innovation

18 February 2021

As part of the ORMA project “Higher education and research-action at Tuscan research institutions” funded by the Tuscany Region and launched on 1 December 2020, two days of virtual training were held on 16-17 February 2021.

Presentation of the research activities and innovation experiences of the Institutes of the Research Area of ​​the CNR of Pisa, addressing the 11 fellows benefiting from the ORMA grants. Of the 11 fellows, 3 are hosted in Pisa (Federica D’Acunto and Maria Raffaella Martina at the Institute of Clinical Physiology, and Katia Genovali at the Institute for Physical Chemical Processes), and will have the opportunity to collaborate with all the others CNR Institutes partner of the project.

The two days, structured in four main themes, The Digital World, Matter and Materials, Biosciences, The Planet Earth, were an opportunity for comparison and exchange also between the researchers of the same Area: different research fields but united by objectives common.

The grants aim to create experts in the transfer and enhancement of research; in fact, it ranges from life sciences, to European design, passing through photonics, technological forecasting, patenting, communication and scientific dissemination, which the world of research always needs.


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