Cnr brings neuroscience to the table

30 September 2021

Dr. Aldo Luperini, technologist from the Cnr Institute of Agricultural Biology and Biotechnology, is the head of one of the task forces of the Nutrage project, a revolutionary research born during the lock down in spring 2020 on the development of new foods for the elderly. In particular, the study carried out by the IBBA CNR in collaboration with Isafom, aims to decrypt the mechanisms of distrust towards new foods that especially the elderly have and use neuromarketing techniques to make the latter more appealing to the consumer.

As Dr. Luperini in an interview with the newspaper Italia Oggi, from a first sample survey carried out in Lombardy and Calabria on a target of the elderly, a huge gap emerged between what was declared by the interviewees about the correctness of their diet during the lock down and what is instead evidenced by the tools made available by neuroscience that analyze eye movements, pupillary dilation, sweating of the skin, or changes in heart rate.

Thanks to this research, by discovering the “little lies” that we instinctively tell, it is possible to find ways to help the elderly to have more confidence in science and in the new functional foods that are being developed.

To find out more, read the integral interview.




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