A conceptually new DNA barcode, developed by IBBA CNR, authentifies the food production of the Parco del Ticino Consortium

3 October 2019

Today, Thursday 3rd 2019, a newly developed method for labelling food products has been presented at the Agrifarm Cirenaica, partner of  the Parco del Ticino Consortium, located at Robecchetto con Induno (MI). The new digital label , applied to individual products of different composition and botanical origin, is based on a QRcode readily consultable by any smart device. Information is thus released about the ingredients actually detected that may also reveal the presence of possible contaminants. This method is offered as quality and safety device for stakeholders and consumers. Experimental data referring to the analyzed products are collected in a dedicated  and consultable database.

The Vice-President of the Parco del Ticino, Mrs Cristina Chiappa, the President of the Consortiun Agrifarms, Mr. Sandro Passerini and Dr. Diego Breviario, representing the group of investigation of IBBA CNR were present. Dr. Breviario illustrated the principles of the method.

It was shown that by a simple DNA analysis the genetic composition of different food products such as : meat, fish, flour  and  bakery’s can be conveniently verified and advertised  by the QRcode digital label.

The new digital labelling tool is made available to all the agrifarms that belong to the Consortium. This initiative has been supported by funds provided by Regione Lombardia e Camera del Commercio di Milano expecially dedicated to the biotechnological development of the agrifood and biobased economy in the Lombardia region.

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