SAVE THE DATE: 11 march 2021 – IBBA Pisa on Puntoradio to talk about food products

10 March 2021

March 11th 2021 from 9.30 on Punto Radio-Aula 40 some researchers of the CNR-IBBA of Pisa will talk about food products, trying to dispel some urban legends and explaining how to choose the best foods for our health.

Scientific research is increasingly careful to understand the mechanisms by which some foods and active ingredients contained in foods act once they arrive in the body, for example through the study of functional foods and nutraceuticals, i.e. those foods that, in addition to having a simple nutritional value, determine positive effects on the well-being and health of people, also acting in the prevention and treatment of diseases.

The growing emphasis on health prevention has prompted consumers to try nutraceutical and functional products. Nutraceutical supplements, considered useful for the prevention of Covid-19 symptoms, have had a good trend in the last year (+ 3.8%), reaching a turnover of 760 million euros (+ 5.7% compared to 2019).

The consumer is also interested in the quality of the food; for this reason scientific research collaborates directly with some agri-food companies with the aim of bringing food products that are as healthy as possible to our tables.

But what are the most suitable meats, vegetables or pasta for our health? How is it possible to recognize them? And are there absolutely harmful or absolutely healthy foods?

This and much more in the episode that will be broadcast tomorrow morning on the frequencies of Punto Radio (Fm 91.1 91.6) or in streaming on the Facebook page of Aula 40 or Punto Radio, or on the website

Guests of the meeting:

  • SERGIO CAPALDO, President of the “La Granda consortium
  • Transformation “(Genola, Cuneo)
  • VINCENZO LONGO, Responsible of IBBA-CNR, Pisa
  • LUIGI PELLEGRINI, President of  “Agrisan “ (Larciano, Pistoia)
  • LUISA POZZO, researcher at IBBA-CNR, Pisa
  • LAURA PUCCI, researcher at IBBA-CNR, Pisa



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