SAVE THE DATE: on 23 October USEFUL event project “TALEGGIO DOP between tradition and innovation””

19 October 2021

On 23 October at 11.30 at the Sala dei Giuristi – Palazzo della Ragione piazza Vecchia, Bergamo Alta, the event “TALEGGIO DOP between tradition and innovation” will be held as part of the USEFUL project.

The USEFUL research project, financed by the Lombardy Region with European funds for rural development, sees the involvement of the dairy cooperative supply chains, the University of Parma and the National Research Council with the IBBA and ISPA Institutes. The aim of the project is to identify innovative solutions to increase the quality and efficiency of the production processes of PDO Grana Padano and Taleggio cheeses.

During the event, the first results of the experimental activities carried out on Taleggio PDO will be presented, investigating, through innovative approaches, the effect of the different aging conditions on the quality of the cheese microbiota.

Participation in the event is free and open. To register click here.


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