SAVE THE DATE: 29 May 2023 Kick off meeting of the CASTANEVAL project

10 May 2023

On Monday 29 May 2023 at the EXPO Hall of the CNR, via Corti 12, Milan, from 9.00 to 12.30 the conference will be held to present the project “CASTANEVAL, Development of chestnut cultivation in Lombardy: valorisation of native genetic resources”.

The research project, funded by the Lombardy Region under the PSR 2014-2020 Operation 10.2.01 – Conservation of animal and plant biodiversity, aims to study the genetic, morphological, biochemical and metabolic variability of populations of chestnut trees that grow in two geographical areas, in the provinces of Varese and Brescia.

CASTANEVAL supports Lombard chestnut cultivation as an opportunity both from an economic and biological point of view.

Participation in the event is free upon registration at this link .  It is also possible to participate in the Kick off meeting even remotely via an electronic platform, by connecting to the following link.


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