SAVE THE DATE: October 20, 2022, End-of-career testimony through literary reflections “The exercise of science plagued by the contrast between ideal and real”

12 October 2022

On Thursday 20 October 2022 at 2.30 pm, at the EXPO Hall of the Research Area of ​​Milan, will be held  the end of career testimony of Dr. Diego Breviario “The exercise of science plagued by the contrast between the ideal and the real”.

During the meeting, extracts from literary exercises written in the form of Dante’s chant (LA PROFANA COMEDIA: INFERNO) or Platonic dialogue (DIALOGUE BETWEEN SOCRATES and MEDIOCRIT) on the theme of making and undoing Science will be presented. The oath evoked by Brecht’s Galileo (THE OATH OF THE POST-GALILEAN SCIENTIST) will be read and the structure and contents of the book LIFE IN SCIENCE, dedicated to a new generation of scientists, will be presented.

Diego Breviario is a molecular biologist. Originally interested in the study of the molecular mechanisms that control cell growth and division in eukaryotic organisms, he ended up becoming passionate about the genomic DNA component that does not code for proteins, introns in particular. While remaining dark matter, he humbly knew how to use it for phylogenetic and diagnostic purposes.


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