At the CNR-IBBA the Best Paper presented by a woman

30 April 2023

The  MEAVES – IEEE International Workshop on Measurments and Applications in Veterinary and Animal Sciences conference was held in Naples from 26 to 28 April.

The Workshop revolves around the worlds of instrumentation, bioengineering, materials science, chemistry and biology, and veterinary science.

The goal is to allow researchers, veterinarians and technicians to exchange ideas and information, establish connections and collaborations, as well as update innovation on healthcare systems and diagnostics in veterinary medicine.

During the conference, the “Best Paper presented by a woman” prize was also awarded.

The recognition went to Prof. Giulietta Minozzi for “Machine Learning Methods for Breed Assignment in Honeybees Based on Whole Genome Data”. Co-authors of the awarded work: Maria Grazia De Iorio, Barbara Lazzari, Giulio Pagnacco, Allesandra Stella, Stefano Biffani.

The work focused on Machine Learning applied to bee genomics and was developed within the BEENOMIX project which saw the collaboration between the University of Milan and the CNR-IBBA.


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